As a designer, Tim McClellan is fascinated with nature’s perfect balance of form and function.

“Nature marries these two roles, form and function, together into a tapestry of perfect harmony.”

Tim strives to emulate that perfection in his own work.  He is relentlessly driven to create inspiring, rugged, timeless, multi-functional, and visually stunning products and spaces.

Additionally, Tim is dedicated to the conservation of resources:  Salvaging and repurposing materials while preserving their historical character and charm.  McClellan’s ability to see the pearl of possibility nestled in a discarded relic is what makes his work so surprising and endearing.


As Michelangelo so eloquently stated referencing his masterpiece, David: “David was always there, perfect, in that block of marble, all I had to do was remove all that was not him.”


Tim is a pioneer and legend in the world of refined rustic design, reclaimed barnwood furniture, and mixed media designs using leather, copper, steel, iron, and exotic finishes. McClellan has been influenced by the “simplicity and beauty of Mission Style, the artistry and engineering of Japanese Joinery, and the clean lines and stunning hardwoods of Early American Arts and Crafts.”

Tim’s latest invention: Western Industrial.  Blending the raw function of Industrial, and the richness and flair of American Western styles. Tim’s latest creations define this new movement.