“I’ve done so well for so long with so little, I’m now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

Tim McClellan is truly a master American craftsman.  His astounding collection of extraordinary creations includes hand-built pool tables, classic custom trucks, luggage, and entire home interiors. McClellan’s skill is surprisingly diverse: Woodworking, welding, sewing, metal fabrication, mechanics, leather work, auto body and finish, and home renovation.


When it comes to construction, McClellan is meticulous, “I believe in old world craftsmanship, hand tools and fundamental, time-proven techniques.”
“When you build and create and make something, transforming it from an idea in your mind to a 3-dimensional object, it gives you a sense of reward, harmony, and satisfaction. I want to share my knowledge and my skill with others so they can feel that same distinct sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Tim’s genius thrives in the face of the impossible build, tackling “it can’t be done” fabrication with creativity and ingenuity.  Whether it’s the world’s first and only 1940 4WD 4-door Ford truck, the stunning furniture collection from Ellen’s Design Challenge, or McClellan’s famous expanding round-table, Tim’s products inspire a delightful sense of surprise.