“Not only do I love the creative process of working with my mind and my hands, I equally love telling the story of the struggles overcome, failures experienced and victories achieved in arriving at a successful design.”

Additionally, McClellan adamantly believes that each piece, each design, each creation contain a manuscript, a vivid story worth telling:  A story of American ingenuity, pioneering spirit, fierce challenge, survival, triumph and tragedy.  By salvaging these old materials, McClellan also salvages their story.



Tim’s ease in front of a camera, his ability to translate his passion to his audience, his surprising designs and his wicked wit have generated over 2 million youTube views.

Truth is, Tim McClellan loves sharing stories with anyone who will listen!

Tim McClellan has been featured in numerous television shows, news shows, magazines, coffee table books and newspapers. Besides competing on Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV, Tim also appeared as a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC’s The FAB Life, Arizona Highways TV, and many more.